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Current Ward 8 City Council Member Glidden endorses Andrea Jenkins as the next Ward 8 City Council Member



I write to you in support of my friend Andrea Jenkins and ask you to join her historic campaign to become your Ward 8 City Council Member.

Andrea is one of the most qualified and respected candidates to announce a campaign for city office. With deep community roots, strong policy experience, and a mature ability work with others and get projects done, Andrea is the real deal.

After I announced in December of 2016 that I would not seek re-election, I was thrilled to see a groundswell of support for Andrea, with neighbor after neighbor asking her to run.

I have known Andrea for over a dozen years. When I was first elected to the City Council, I asked her to join my team as the Ward 8 policy aide. One of the most admired and sought after staffers in City Hall, Andrea was known for her ability to provide steady advice, connect with community and get things done. She pioneered amazing initiatives on race equity, community empowerment, arts, helping small businesses, and more. And while Andrea and I share guiding principles of social justice and equity, I know Andrea will forge her own path and use her unique experiences, collaborative style, and powerful voice to do good work.

During the time I’ve known her Andrea has increased her reach as an influential transgender activist, building her national profile with the help of a Bush Fellowship. She has received invitations to the White House and speaking engagements across the country. Despite the demands on her time she has always focused her time on local community.

We need Andrea Jenkins on the Minneapolis City Council, as a powerful voice for audacious change. Please join me in supporting Andrea!

P.S. How can you help Andrea? Volunteer for her campaign; donate to help her reach as many voters as possible; and plan to CAUCUS for Andrea on April 4 as the first step in ensure she receives the DFL endorsement for Ward 8 City Council. #AJ4W8 #VoteAndrea


ANDREA JENKINS has more than 25 years of public service experience as a Minneapolis City Council policy aide, nonprofit executive director and consultant, and Hennepin County employment specialist. She has lived in the Bryant neighborhood for 16 years.


Together, we can win this election.


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We must develop smart transportation policies that support the dramatic growth in the city’s population.



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Minneapolis is a leader in addressing climate change, but we must seek measures that improve health and build wealth for low-income communities and communities of color.




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